Academies and universities

With the exception of Strasbourg, under the Concordat regime, Protestant theology faculties are free higher education establishments, awarding their own diplomas.


Of all the books published in the world, the Bible is the most widely published and the most widely read. A true literary monument, the Bible has a special status for the Jewish and Christian religions, which regard it as a founding book.

The Protestant press

The French Protestant press appeared in the 19th century in a variety of forms: periodicals aimed at the elite, newsletters with a national outlook, regional bulletins, and thematic magazines created by certain charities or associations.

Regional Protestantism

Protestantism took root and spread differently in different parts of France.

Protestantism today

Protestantism is in a minority in France, as a result of persecution. It is mainly found in a few regions, such as Alsace and Languedoc.

Protestants in civic life

Quite soon after the Reformation, Protestants became involved in collective and even public responsibilities, whose influence is significant.

The Refuge

The exodus of French Huguenots to Protestant countries to escape persecution was a key event in European history.

Memorial sites

Aquitaine, Ile-de-France, Midi-Pyrénées... Discover Protestant memorial sites.

Charitable and social works

After the 1848 Revolution, and especially after the Commune, the Protestant Community's attention turned to the working class and youth.

Protestantism in Europe

England, Netherlands, Germany... The reception of Protestantism varied from one European country to another.

Rites and practices

Baptism, worship, religious practice... discover the main Protestant rites and practices.


The doctrine of John Calvin, the birth of the Amish community, Methodism... Discover the main Protestant theological currents.