The Protestant Churches
of Alsace and Lorraine

The Lutheran and Reformed Churches of Alsace and Moselle have been working towards unity for a long time. These efforts finally met with success when the Union des Eglises Protestantes d’Alsace et de Lorraine (The Union of Protestant Churches of Alsace Loraine) was set up in 2006. The Lutheran Churches still retained their own parishes and organisation as well as the Concordat system of church government.


  • Books
    • STORNE-SENGEL Catherine, Les protestants d’Alsace-Lorraine de 1919 à 1939 : entre les deux règnes, Collection Recherches et Documents, Société savante d'Alsace, 2003, Tome 71, p. 371

Associated notes

  • The Augsburg confession (1530)

    This confession of faith was written by Philipp Melanchton for the diet in Augsburg in 1530 and was meant as a unifying text. It was based on the Scriptures and...
  • The Reformation in Alsace in 16th century

    The Reformation began very early in Alsace and was soon well established. In Strasbourg, it had two characteristics : moderation and an insistence on the Bible study. Martin Bucer’s influence spread...
  • Protestantism in Alsace in 19th century

    In Alsace the numerous Lutheran community, as well as the predominant reformed one in Mulhouse, were to be submitted to the same requirements as the reformed churches “inland”. But the...
  • Alsace

    Few French provinces have known as much distress as Alsace, suffering two annexations to the German Reich, and then twice reintegrated into France. The Protestant community took part in these...
  • Alsace and World War II

    The declaration of war led to the evacuation of one third of the population of Alsace : from Strasbourg and the border cities to the south-west of France, and the University...
  • Alsace from 1945 to the present

    The Liberation (November 1944 to March 1945) – reinstated the legality of the French Republic and the particularities of Alsace were affirmed, such as the worship concordat, school statutes, and...
  • The reintegration of Alsace-Lorraine after 1918

  • Alsace in the 17th century

    In Alsace, repressive measures against the predominantly Lutheran protestant community were enforced when the French king took possession of it in the 17th century. However, conditions for the Protestants were...
  • Alsace during the 18th century

    The coercive policy carried out against Protestants, less strictly enforced towards the end of the 17th century, was gradually relaxed before being abandoned. The pomp surrounding the funeral ceremonies in...
  • Le protestantisme en Alsace-Lorraine

  • Données historiques - Le protestantisme en Alsace

    Les lieux de mémoire sont nombreux, témoins de l’histoire particulièrement tourmentée des deux rives du Rhin. Aujourd’hui un tiers des protestants français sont alsaciens, ou d’origine alsacienne.