The places where Calvin lived

There are still traces of Calvin’s presence in the places where he stayed :

  • In Noyon, where he was born, beside the cathedral, his father worked as an lawyer for the canons. His mother would take him every year to attend mass at the nearby Abbaye d’Ourscamp ;
  • In the French institutions where he studied ;
  • In the places where he sought refuge when he was exiled from France.
Noyon in the 16th century
Townhall in Noyon © S.H.P.F.
Noyon cathedral © S.H.P.F.
Ourscamp, the Abbey
Paris, Fortet school, Calvin's residence -
House where Calvin lived around 1530 in Orleans
Bourges, Calvin's pulpit
Calvin's house in Enfer near Wy, Seine et Oise
Basel: the cathedral and the Pfalz © S.H.P.F.
Strasburg, Saint Thomas church (67)
16th century houses in Strasbourg
Geneva in 1602 © B.P.U. Genève
Geneve: house of the cathedral © S.H.P.F.
Geneva: gates in the lower part of the city © S.H.P.F.
Genevan costumes © S.H.P.F.
Genevan costumes © S.H.P.F.
St Pierre cathedral in Geneva © Collection privée
Medal featuring J. Calvin - Noyon 1010-1564 "Soli deo Gloria"

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