Portraits of Calvin

Very few portraits were painted in his lifetime. In fact, most paintings portraying him were done in the XIXth century.

Calvin as a young man (1509-1564) © Musée de la Réformation à Genève (Suisse)
Jean Calvin (1509-1564)
Calvin (1509-1564)
Calvin (1509-1564)
Calvin as an old man
Jean Calvin (1509-1564)
Jean Calvin (1509-1564)
Calvin presiding over a conference in Geneva in 1549
Farewell of Calvin to the syndic of Geneva

Associated notes

  • Jean Calvin (1509-1564)

    A generation after Luther, the Frenchman Jean Calvin became the organiser of the Reformation : he organised the Church, shaped the doctrine and defined the role of the Church in state government.
  • Calvin at work

    Calvin was an tireless worker.
  • Calvin and the Bible

    Although Calvin considered the Bible to be of fundamental importance in his theses, he cannot be considered a fundamentalist. The authority of the Scriptures, according to him, called for interpretation :...
  • The Works of Jean Calvin

    In his writings there are six major works.
  • Jean Calvin's doctrine

    Calvin presented his doctrine in his major work : The Institutes of the Christian Religion.
  • The ecclesiastical ordinances (1541)

    In the ecclesiastical ordinances Jean Calvin defines the organisation of the Church and the relations between the reformed Church and the political power in Geneva.

Associated tours

  • Jean Calvin

    With the publication of his book: The Institution of the Christian Religion, Jean Calvin establishes himself as the main theologian of the Reformed current. He was called to Geneva, which...