The Independent Evangelical Theological Faculty
of Vaux-sur-Seine

The Vaux-sur-Seine Faculty has trained pastors since the late XIXth century. It became an independent institution of further education in 1965. It is a training centre of future pastors in the French-speaking evangelical Churches of different tendencies : (Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal).

Bible-based teaching

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When it was first founded, Vaux-sur-Seine trained future pastors. It was not necessary to have the « baccalauréat » to study there. Future pastors were given a general education at secondary level, as well as theological and practical training.

The institution became an independent Faculty of Theology in 1965 and students could study for a degree, a masters and a doctorate. The teaching is “Bible-based” and aims at « a certain » cohesion between theology, faith, spirituality and the life of the Church”. It is also possible to study sociology and psychology in view of social work.

There is another branch of the university in Lyon, which organizes many courses in continuous education, including summer schools. Exchanges take place with the Institut Protestant de Théologie and the Institut Biblique in Nogent.

The Independent Evangelical Theological Faculty
of Vaux-sur-Seine

85 Avenue de Cherbourg, 78740 Vaux-sur-Seine ‎

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