The Bible Institute of Nogent

The Bible Institut of Nogent was founded in 1921 to train evangelists, missionaries and more recently, social workers. There are students of all nationalities who later go on to serve in different foreign countries.

A biblical and doctrinal approach

The Bible Institute was founded in 1921 by an evangelical couple, Jeanne and Ruben Saillens. Most of the teaching is biblical and doctrinal (a declaration of faith in “the divine inspiration and authority” of the Bible). Emphasis is put on spiritual maturity, enabling the student to serve later as a minister in the modern world.

The Institute has been working in association with other establishments for several years, notably the Espace Formation à l’Evangélisation (AGAPE France) ; this has enabled it to set up, on its own terms, a seminar on Islam and a training course for missionaries.

At some stage, the talks with the Free Evangelical Faculty of Vaux-sur-Seine will probably lead to a merger of the two institutions.

The Bible Institute of Nogent

39 Grande Rue Charles de Gaulle, 94130 Nogent-sur-Marne

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