The Huguenot history association of Ardèche

Patrimoine huguenot d’Ardèche, a historical association of Protestantism in the Vivarais region, (which comes under the 1901 law controlling all associations in France), has been giving information about the history of Protestantism in Ardèche since 1995.

A historical association of protestantism in the Ardèche

  • Huguenot paths in Ardèche © Patrimoine huguenot d'Ardèche

The Reform movement came to the Vivarais in 1528 and spread quickly throughout the region. In spite of the wars of religion, the Edict of Nantes and the siege of Privas in 1629, the protestant community continued to flourish.

At the time of the Revocation in 1685, Protestants could be found in five regions : the haut-Vivarais, the Vernoux plateau, the Boutières, the Privas region and the bas-Vivarais (Vallon, Lagorce, Vals, lesVans). During the period of the “Désert”, the protestant resistance, often non-violent, lasted for four generations. Freedom of conscience came with the declaration of human rights and citizenship in 1789. Protestantism was more widely recognized in the Ardèche when the temples were rebuilt in the XIXth century.

Patrimoine Huguenot d’Ardèche has already organized more than forty guided walks, in places of historic interest to Huguenots.

One can get a good idea of the identity of the Huguenots here through the descriptions of events which took place amidst the beautiful yet little-known scenery typical of the region.

Members of the association have largely contributed to the following achievements : lectures and study-groups, day-long seminars, the publication of “Chemins huguenots de l’Ardèche”, documents from the archives, summaries of the guided walks, and the republication of “Protestantisme en Vivarais et en Velay” by Samuel Mours.

Publications by the Patrimoine Huguenot d'Ardèche

Here are some of the books and leaflets which can be obtained from the Patrimoine Huguenot d’Ardèche :

  • Chemins huguenots de l’Ardèche, a list of routes and walks;
  • Le Mémoire de Jean-Paul Ebruy, a preacher in the Vivarais from 1689 to 1709;
  • Le protestantisme en Vivarais et en Velay, des origines à nos jours by Samuel Mours;
  • Sorties et randonnées 2000, commentaires et documents;
  • Le peuple protestant en Vivarais, entre la Révocation de l’édit de Nantes et la Révolution;
  • Saint-Étienne-de-Serre, Ardèche ; by Philippe Joutard and Philippe de Robert.

The Huguenot history association of Ardèche
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The Huguenot history association of Ardèche

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