Charles Mallet (1815-1902)

Charles Mallet is first an associate, then the chairman of the Protestant bank Mallet Frères & Cie which plays a major role in industrial development both in France and abroad during the second half of the 19th century.

Chairman of the Mallet Bank in its heyday

  • Charles Mallet (1815-1902)

Charles Mallet was born in 1815, heir to a traditionally protestant family. He was the son of Jules Mallet and Emilie Oberkampf, and thus the grandson of Guillaume Mallet and of Christophe Oberkampf. He married his first cousin Lucie, the daughter of Baron James Mallet

Charles plaid an important part in the world of finance, first as associate, later as chairman of the bank at the time of its participation in the creation of numerous business ventures : with the Péreire brothers, he founded the Compagnie Générale Maritime (Transatlantique).

Charles also became a member of the board of directors of the PLM (Paris Lyon Méditerranée) railway company and he was to be appointed chairman in 1879. He collaborated in the creation of the Crédit Agricole and became one of its directors.

He encourages the opening of the Bank Mallet to overseas ventures. In 1862 he took part in the creation of the Imperial Ottoman Bank which was to undertake the placing of a £ 6 million loan. This bank, whose Paris committee was chaired by Charles Mallet, helped to promote the influence of France in the Middle East. He likewise headed the Austrian Railway Network.

He died in 1902, at the age of 87.


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