The Consul Dupuy’s Alley

This promenade, which has become a parking lot, extends over the site of bastions built by the Montalbanais in front of the medieval enclosure which they had to dismantle during the Peace of Amboise (1563).

Abbé Marcellin said of Consul Dupuy that he « deserved to occupy a place among the men who honoured humanity… It was he who gave the corporations regulations full of wisdom, who organized on a vast plan the university, who commanded the troops as he directed the work of the fortifications »..

After the conversion of the duke of Rohan, Dupuy had to go into exile. In 1638, desiring to return to Montauban, he was forbidden to do so by letter of seal.

He received this authorization in 1656, and in the month of May he was received amidst public rejoicing.

The Consul Dupuy’s Alley

Allée du Consul Dupuy, Montauban, France

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