The Old Church of Saint Peter

The site of the Old Church of Saint Peter was marked by a Christian presence as early as the 4th century. Two churches, one Catholic and one Lutheran presently stand there.

  • Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux
    Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux Church © Archives/Ville de Strasbourg

The first Bishop in Strasbourg, Saint Amandus, is said to have officiated there. In the 14th century the canons of Rhinau settled there, only to be chased away when the Rhine flooded.

The church became Protestant during the first half of the 16th century. In 1682 the choir was dedicated to the Catholics and a wall was erected to divide the church in two, Protestants then worshipped in the nave. During the second half of the 19th century the increase in population required the building of a new church for the Catholics.

After 1867 the architect Jean-Geoffroy Conrath built the place perpendicular to the former church choir. In October 2012 as a symbol of the ecumenical dialogue the decision was made to open the door between the two churches.



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