The Church of Saint William

The Church of Saint William and its adjoining convent were erected between 1298 and 1307 for hermit monks on the initiative of Knight Henri de Müllenheim.

  • Saint Guillaume
    Saint-Guillaume church © Archives/ Ville de Strasbourg

The sober building illustrates the ideal of poverty in  monastic orders. In 1331, Saint William’s became the parish of shipbuilders and fishermen as evidenced by the anchor decorating the spire.

Protestant worship has been celebrated there since 1534. The adjoining monastery is the residential institution of the High school now called Jean Sturm Gymnasium. The musical tradition is very lively.

In 1895, Eugène Munch created a parish choir which contributed to the re-discovery of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music. The musical group accompanied at the organ by Albert Schweitzer was internationally renowned. Every Good Friday the parish features an outstanding Passion of the German master.



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