The Armand Cambon Street

  • Commemorative plaque to Michel Bérauld, Montauban © Hélène Guicharnaud
  • Navarre College, Montauban © Collection Mme Deymié
  • N°16 Hôtel (The Private Mansion) Colomb

Jacques Dupuy (1591-1676) married Paule Colomb and they lived there. He was the leader of the Montauban resistance during the siege of the city by Catholic Royal troops in 1621.

  • N°9

Pastor Bérault (1535-1610) lived there and prepared students for the ministry. When the Protestant Academy (University) was founded in 1597, he was appointed to the chair of theology. He was the representative at the Assembly convened by Catherine di Medici in Nérac on 4 February 1579, and he presided over the three national synods in Montauban (1594), Montpellier (1598) and La Rochelle (1607).

  • N°12 The College of Navarre

After the Treaty of Nérac in 1579, the Consuls asked Henri III the permission to open a college for schoolchildren, who were numerous from 1200 to 1500, and whose studies had been neglected because of the wars of religion. In 1573 Queen Marguerite de Navarre gave a pension worth 200 pounds, thus doubling that of Henri de Navarre’s. But the Academy, the foundations of which were laid on 14 October 1597, was opened only in 1598 on Bishop Jean de Prez’s request, as he feared renewed unrest. Upon the return of the Jesuits in 1633, the premises were shared by the two confessions, but incidents between the students were numerous and, in 1659, using the pretext of greater unrest, the Academy was exiled to Puylaurens in the Tarn..

The Armand Cambon Street

Rue Armand Cambon, Montauban, France

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