Rooster Square

The Place du Coq retains the memories of the Grande-Boucherie Temple and of the New Temple.

  • Site of the new temple, Place du Coq in Montauban (82) © Collection privée
  • The Grande Boucherie Temple

It stood on part of the square and of the court house and was in use in 1565, as proven by a bill paid to a joiner who set up benches on 2 April 1565.

  • The New Temple

As the temple of the Grande Boucherie proved to be too small to receive all the faithful, an expansion project of 1607 was carried out in 1615, by annexation of part of the Lautié hospital. Purchases enabled this urban planning operation by remodeling the neighborhood. The construction was entrusted to the architect Levesville who was working on the construction of the Place Nationale. A decree of 29 October 1664 ordered the temple to be pulled down. Nothing is left of it except a copy of a drawing, there are, however, certain reserves considering that the original document was missing and and also that the working lease was signed by the Consuls and the architect. A Temple built in Cassel, in Germany, by Protestants immigrants is said to have been built following the architecture of the New Temple.


Rooster Square

Place du Coq, Montauban, France

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