Mandajors (Gard)

Strategic stronghold of the war of the Camisards, the Castle of Mandajors was destroyed in 1703, but the chapel was left untouched during the reprisals and became a Protestant chapel.

A "tiny" temple in the Cévennes

  • The temple in Mandajors (30) © O. d'Haussonville

This very small temple in the Cévennes Mountains, at the end of the Roubarbel Valley and accessible by a rough foot-path, escaped the 17th and 18th century destructions.

This small building, with a seating capacity of four rows of four people, was part of the Castle of Mandajors, burnt and demolished during the war of the Camisards in 1703.

An inscription can be seen on the fronton : “Reformed Church of France, 1727”.

Mandajors (Gard)

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