The Edict of Nantes square

With the Edict of Nantes, Henri IV granted a slightly restricted freedom of worship to the Protestants, along with about 80 strongholds, such as La Rochelle, Beauvoir-sur-Mer, Montaigu…taken away by Richelieu in the early 17th century, to prevent their being ‘a State within the State’.

  • La place de l’Édit-de-Nantes
    The Edict of Nantes square © Wikimedia Creative Commons
  • Le temple (1943), place de Gigant, quelques mois avant sa destruction
    The temple (1943), place de Gigant, a few months before its destruction

They fought hard to keep their freedom of worship until the Revocation by Louis XIV on 17 October 1685.

There used to be a temple on the site of the present garden, built by Driollet in 1855. It was destroyed by bombing on 23 September 1943.


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