La Force (Dordogne)

The Dordogne valley was particularly favourable to Reformed trends. La Force was protected by the Duke of Caumont, a friend of Henri IV.

A declaration prevented the destruction of the temple

  • Temple in La Force, 17th century (Dordogne) © O. d'Haussonville

Erected in 1604, the temple was part of the castle built for Jacques Caumont, Duke of La Force, Field-Marshall of France (1558-1652), a true Huguenot and friend of Henri IV.

Attributed to the reformed service of worship, it was spared despite the decree of the 14th of July 1679 requiring its destruction, thanks to Jacques de Caumont declaring that he had transformed the temple into a chapel.

The castle was destroyed during the Revolution by Lakanal, but the temple was spared and acquired by the Protestants in 1806 and renovated in 1821.

La Force (Dordogne)

La Force, Dordogne

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