Jacques II Androuët
du Cerceau (c. 1550/1560-1614)

Jacques II Androuët du Cerceau was present on construction sites launched by Henri IV towards the end of the 16th century. He is especially known as the architect of the Reformed church in Charenton near Paris.

He was an architect well-involved in royal circles

  • Montceaux-les-Meaux Castle (77)

Jacques II, the son of Jacques I Androuët du Cerceau, was born in Orléans or in Paris between 1550 and 1560. In 1581 he was appointed « valet de chambre et architecte de monseigneur frère du roi » (manservant and architect to his lordship the king’s brother).

In 1595 Jacques II and Louis Métezeau were together appointed as architects for Henri IV’s constructions at the Louvre palace.

Towards the end of the 16th century, Jacques II worked on the castles of Véretz and Montceaux-les-Meaux (Seine et Marne, east of Paris).

The Reformed church in Charenton

  • Temple de Charenton (94) (embroidery) © S.H.P.F.

However Jacques II is especially known as the architect of the Charenton Reformed church, built for the Parisian reformed community in 1607.

In 1609 he was mentioned as the architect for the work on the hotel de Soissons, owned by Charles de Bourbon.

In 1602 Jacques II Androuët du Cerceau married to Marie Malapert. He died in Paris in 1614. and was buried in the Protestant cemetery in Saint-Germain, near Paris.


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