Frédéric Monod (1794-1863)

A constantly searching pastor

  • Frédéric Monod © S.H.P.F.

The eldest son of pastor Jean Monod and Adolphe’s brother, he studied in Geneva. He was appointed pastor in Paris in 1820, and joined the Revival movement. He was not so good an orator as his brother Adolphe, but was very active, namely founding the first Sunday-school in Paris, writing articles for the Archives du christianisme, taking part in various religious organisations (Biblical, Missionary, Evangelical). He considered the Reformed Church not active enough in spreading faith and evangelising. He broke away from it during the 1848 assembly with a small minority who wished a vote concerning the Apostles’ Creed. He then became a dissident and founded with Agénor de Gasparin the « Union des Églises évangéliques libres de France » (“union of French free evangelical churches”) (times of dissensions). He inspired the buiding of the Notrh chapel inaugurated in 1849, which Tommy Fallot was to be in charge later on.

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