François Haerter (1797-1874)

A militant protestant

  • François Haerter (1797-1874) © Mours

As a Lutheran pastor in Strasburg, he represented a pietistic tendency within the Revival Movement. He took a very active part in the creation of numerous foundations or societies, such as the Evangelical Lutheran Society of Strasbourg (1834) for the printing and distribution of the Bible as well as missionary activities among factory workers. In 1842, he establishesd a house for Deaconesses working as teachers and home nurses, running day-nurseries, soup- kitchens, and eventually administering the Mulhouse municipal hospital. In 1856 a hospital was built in Guebwiller. He also took part in the creation of the Bible Society, the Evangelical Missionary Society, and the Young Men’s Christian Association. As he remained faithful to the official Church and to his ministry at the Temple Neuf (New Temple) he was of great influence in keeping the pietistic circles of Strasburg within the Church. Some of the most influential pietistic members took an active part in the development of social work in the Alsace region.

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