Charles Drelincourt (1595-1669)

Charles Drelincourt, a writer and a pastor, spent his life serving the reformed Churches.

Pastor of the Charenton temple

  • Charles Drelincourt (1595-1669), minister at Charenton

Drelincourt was a highly successful theology student at the academy of Sedan, his native town, then at the academy of Saumur and in 1618 he was ordained.

He was appointed pastor of a Church which was due to be set up in Langres, but it never came into existence as the King’s council refused to give its authorisation.

In 1620 the consistory of Paris nominated him pastor to the Church of Paris- Charenton, taking over from Pierre Du Moulin.

This is where he served as minister until his death in 1669, acquiring a great reputation as a preacher.

A prolific writer

  • Warning on the disputes ... by Charles Drelincourt © S.H.P.F.

Drelincourt was a prolific and admired writer. Many of his books have been translated into English, German and Flemish.

Here are some titles :

  • Prayers and meditations for the preparation of the Lord’s Supper, Charenton, 1621,
  • The triumph of the Church under the weight of the cross, or the glory of the martyrs, Geneva, 1629,
  • A shortened version of controversies or a summary of the errors of the Roman Catholic Church, with their refutation by texts taken from the Louvain Bible, Geneva, 1628, re-edited about twenty times and translated into German, Bâle, 1634,
  • Foreword on the disputations and procedures of missionaries, 1651,
  • A catechism, or a simplified instruction book on the main points of the Christian religion, 1st edition 1642,
  • Words of consolation for the faithful soul against the fear of death,, Charenton, 1651, 40 editions until the end of the century.

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