The Fondation Bersier

The Fondation pasteur Eugène Bersier is a Protestant foundation recognized to be of public interest by decree dated July 3, 1990. It was founded by Maurice Gontier who served as its president from 1990 to 2001. It is a member of the Protestant Federation of France.

Its goal is to promote knowledge about and the development of French Protestantism in all its components.

Its uses numerous methods to achieve its goal:

  • Since its creation, it has favored audiovisual production, multimedia, print and radio journalism.
  • It is also supports theology instruction, by aiding, housing and training students, ministers, catechumens and lay people.
  • It provides its financial aid, its support, its advice and its skills, particularly with project audits, to the Protestant institutions that request it.


The Fondation pasteur Eugène Bersier has created three activities:


Musée protestant

In January 2003, on the Internet, the Fondation pasteur Eugène Bersier, in collaboration with the Historical Society of French Protestantism, created the Virtual Museum of Protestantism to present the history of French Protestantism. This is an imaginary, virtual museum that can be visited only on the Internet and that presents the history of Protestantism in France since the 16th century up to our days through 1,000 articles and 3,000 images. It is translated into English and German.


Logo R

Designed by the Fondation pasteur Eugène Bersier, in partnership with numerous Protestant media, Regards protestants has one objective: to help you discover all the richness and the diversity of the French-speaking Protestant media. Videos, podcasts, articles, etc. Choose the format that suits you to discover all the news presented by the Protestant media.