MCQ – Progress Report of this tour

MCQ – Progress Report of this tour

1. Luther was born:




2. Martin Luther was:




3. He lived:




4. He criticized:




5. What does “Sola Scriptura” mean? (only by scripture)




6. What is Luther’s main criticism of the Catholic Church?




7. This criticism is expressed in:




8. According to Luther, which is correct?




9. John Calvin was born:




10. John Calvin was:




11. He had to escape to:




12. What phrase best illustrates Predestination?




13. According to Calvin




14. The Protestants consider that:




15. The Protestants:




16. A Protestant pastor:




17. The Protestant temple:




18. The religious Wars took place:




19. The Religious Wars ended:




20. A Protestant service consists of:




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