The House of Protestantism
in Charentes

The House of Protestantism in Charentes was created in 1994 and it was set up as a memorial to the history of Protestantism in Aunis and Saintonge.

Several activities take place here

  • A mould for a token from the La Tremblade church © Maison de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Charentais
  • A list has been made of protestant property in the area : temples, houses of prayer, churchyards, furniture, objects of interest, etc.,
  • Local government commissions or private owners have indexed what needed to be protected or restored,
  • Information bulletins are published describing the results of studies made on protestant property.
  • Collections have been built up of furniture, costumes, jewellery, books, deeds and documents, which show how the protestants in Saintonge used to live.

You can see these collections every summer – they are included in exhibitions about protestantism held in the parish buildings of the Eglise reformée of the îles de Saintonge.

But in the future, they will be housed in a XIXth century building which has been converted into a cultural centre, in the commune of Tremblade (Charente-Maritime). The two collections of the present Maritime Museum are permanently on show there.

House of Protestantism in Charentes
19 rue du Bourg
F-17530 Arvert

The House of Protestantism
in Charentes

19 rue du Bourg 17530 ARVERT

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