Cambronne courtyard

General Cambronne was born in Saint Sébastien in 1770. In 1792 he volunteered, and took part in all the Napoleonic campaigns. He accompanied the Emperor to Elba Island;

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  • Le général Cambronne, statue
    DEBAY Jean-Baptiste Joseph,Monument to General Cambronne Nantes, Cours Cambronne

In 1815 he came back with Napoleon and commanded the Guard at Waterloo on 18 June 1815. He was married to Mary Osburn, an English Protestant, and he withdrew to Nantes. He was very popular with the people of Nantes and of Saint Sébastien where he owned the estate called the Baugerie.

He died in Nantes in his apartment at number 3 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1842. He was buried at the Miséricorde cemetery, separated from his wife, who was buried in the Protestant part of the cemetery.


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