Cardet (Gard)

Near Alès, the 17th century temple in Cardet was spared and became a Catholic church upon the Revocation.

A temple with memories of Jean Cavalier

  • Temple in Cardet (17th century) © O. d'Haussonville

Near Alès the 17th century temple was not destroyed at the time of the Revocation in 1685, but immediately became a catholic church.

Jean Cavalier’s parents were married there, and he himself was baptised there.

Jean Cavalier (1681-1740) was a well-known Protestant leader. A former baker’s boy, he led guerrilla actions against the royal troops in the Cévennes. He was defeated in 1704 and had to negotiate peace with the Field-Marshal de Villars. Cavalier was allowed to emigrate.

Cardet (Gard)

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