Auguste Scheurer-Kestner (1833-1899)

A staunch supporter of Dreyfus

  • Scheurer-Kestner, industialist, politician (1833-1899) © S.H.P.F.

Born into a profoundly protestant family from Alsace, he embarked on a political career.

A republican life senator and vice-president of the Senate, this former partisan of Gambetta was soon convinced that captain Dreyfus was innocent. One of his former fellow students, the son of minister Leblois was the barrister in charge of defending Dreyfus ; he had shown him the Gonse-Picquart correspondence. Auguste Scheurer-Kestner became well-known for his public demands for a revision of the trial. He died accidentally on 10 September 1899, the very day when Dreyfus was pardoned.

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