Catholic heritage churches became temples after 1802

After the organic articles of 1802, many previously Catholic Churches and Chapels were expropriated by the Revolutionary Government; they became the property of the nation. Many were then granted to Protestants for worship.

Temple in Sainte-Croix-de-Caderle (Gard) © O. d'Haussonville
Galleries in the Billettes church, Paris © O. d'Haussonville
Saint Ruf de Valence, temple (Drôme) © M. Chalamet
Interior of the temple Héricourt (Doubs) © Bretegnier
The Louvre Oratory, Paris © Reymond
The inside of Carmes temple in Montauban (82) © Hélène Guicharnaud
Interior of the Pentemont temple © O. d'Haussonville
Interior, Bordeaux temple, rue du Hâ (33) © Cécile Lhermitte

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