Philipp Melanchthon (1497-1560)

This exhibition enables people in France to get to know one of the major figures of the Reformation who has previously always been overshadowed by Luther. With the support of the Fondation Bersier, it has been organized by the Institut Protestant de Théologie (IPT) de Paris and the Mission Intérieure de l’EELF. In this exhibition you can see how the reformer and humanist Philippe Melanchton strove all his life to bring to an end the religious and political conflicts which divided Europe.

Melanchthon was convinced that open-mindedness was essential on both sides and that a return to the sources of Antiquity and Christianity could bring about peace. It is based on another exhibition set up by the Melanchthon European Academy in Bretten ; this had been enlarged to include some pictures which showed that Melanchthon attached great importance to his friendship with France.