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Fondation Pasteur Eugène Bersier
1, rue Denis Poisson
75017 PARIS
Tél : 001-45-74-31-24
Fax : 001-44-09-84-06
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In accordance with legislation passed on 6th January 1978 under the Freedom of Information Act, clients have right of access to all information pertaining to themselves, and retain the right to amend such information if required. To facilitate this, free access is available to any client who deems it necessary to make such amendment.
La Fondation Pasteur Eugène Bersier provides its catalogue in conformity with the requirements of the National Committee on Freedom of Information (approval number 533215).

Article 1 of the Freedom of Information Act declares that:

Every person will have the right to access the information provided. This material will be presented within the framework of international cooperation. It may not harm the human identity, or be contrary to human rights, or infringe personal privacy, or personal and civil liberties. (to have access to the text of the law).
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Editorial Committee: Fondation Eugène Bersier
Information conception and production: Bysens
Design: Mosquito.Web
Photography: Isabelle de Rouville

Every photograph on the site is presented with iconographic credit. Where an error has occurred, the necessary amendment will be made at the justified request of the copyright holder.
Go to top  Reproduction Rights
The virtual Museum of French Protestantism (www.museeprotestant.org) exhibits texts, photographs, pictures, videos and audiotapes designed to illustrate the major events, personalities and objects of French Protestantism. It reserves all rights of reproduction in every instance. However, reproduction of materials for private and non-profit use is authorized. In all other instances, particularly in cases of on or off line reproduction in digital, printed or audiovisual format for profit or non-profit public usage, authorization must be sought.
As from the 1st of July, 2008, the French Musée Virtuel du protestantisme will not issue authorisations to copy pictures displayed on the web-site. In case people are interested, they should contact the institution mentioned in the credits, such as SHPF or Musée du Désert...
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Apache Software Foundation is a non-profit arm of the Apache Group formed in 1995 at the instigation of the HRRP Apache server.
PHP: conceived by Rasmus Lerdof in 1994.
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